We offer you solutions that promote the development of your team.

When we talk about training, we do so knowing the importance and critical weight that this factor has when it comes to achieving your strategic results and, at the same time, retain the talent in your organization.

From Hotels Talent we offer you, only solutions that foster the development of your teams, that generate a sense of belonging, having an impact on the increase in quality and that marks your way to excellence.

Tell us what you need so we can design a customized solution for you.

Our specializations

Online Training

After the Coronavirus crisis, the need for an online training plan for your team has become even more important. At Hotels Talent we offer you the possibility to buy any of our courses from the training catalog or tell us what you need and we´ll create personalised online training for your Hotel.

Welcome Plans

How is the check in of your new employees? The experience of welcoming a client at the Hotel or Restaurant is determinant and for this reason, we invest every effort in ensuring that this process is excellent. Do we do the same with our teams? The process of incorporating a new employee to the company is a decisive part of the results which it will bring in the medium term as well as its commitment to the new position and with the new company.

Inductions Processes
We design corporate welcome plans, adapted to the culture and objectives of each company, targeted mainly to operational staff. Corporate trainings as well as department specific itineraries that ensure knowledge and integration of the staff to its new position.

On Boarding
We design integration processes for Middle and Executive Managers whose main objective is to align and integrate new managers on the new positions, in the fastest and most efficient way.

Transmission of culture

Not only the knowledge but also the integration of your Vision, Mission and Values of the company to the daily behavior of the staff and its interaction with customers, is what will make the difference with respect to the competition. We design plans of transmission and integration of your corporate culture to make it a reality at all organizational levels.

High Performance Teams

We get the full potential of the teams we work with to make it have a direct impact and lead to top and best results for the company. We design programs of continuous improvement to develop multifunctional, committed teams whose performance is excellent.


In any functional area, excellence in people management, determines the success of the business. Therefore, we develop itineraries and specific leadership and team management trainings for middle and top managers, which are quickly changed into an increase in the quality of service, higher profits and increase in the level of engagement of staff.


We prepare you to make your opening or reopening a success, with the staff adequately trained and with the culture of the company perfectly integrated. Ready to offer an excellent quality service that exceeds the expectations of your customers.