Flexible and able to adapt to change.

Throughout our professional career, we go through many stages to which we must adapt; experiencing all kinds of challenges and goals. In an industry like Tourism where change is constant, being flexible and able to adapt to change is essential for all professionals.

There are occasions, such as after the Coronavirus crisis, when the difficulty in finding a new professional challenges becomes more evident and it is just at times like these when having the support and guidance of Hospitality Professionals can be of great help.

Therefore, if you are in need of a profesional change and are struggling on how to approach this, here at Hotels Talent, we want to accompany you and help you throughout this process.

Career Advice Plan:


Profile analysis and assessment of opportunities in the market.


Specification of professional goals.


Design of communications strategies: social networks, personal brand, cv, emails, etc.


Professional competency assessment.


Preparation of real job interviews.


Accompaniment in job search.

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