Knowledge and experience.

As a Human Resources consulting firm specialized in the hospitality and restaurant services, we offer you our knowledge and experience to develop actions and projects that directly impact on your results.


We help you define or rethink the essence of your brand so that it clearly defines your reason for being. Culture is the lever that unleashes the business and the one that should guide the behavior and attitude of all teams. A strong, coherent culture aligned with the strategy and above all, internalized at all levels of the organization, is your best guarantee of success in the medium and long term.

We work with you so that it becomes the engine that drives your best results.


Attracting top talent in the sector is not easy, but it is even less so, retaining it. What engagement strategies are you using?

Are your people management policies what you need? Increasing your teams’ level of commitment is directly linked to an increase in performance and results. It is no longer valid to have your teams identified with your brand. Now, and even more after the Coronavirus crisis, every brand must be able to generate authentic pride of belonging. And there are many policies and actions that intervene in this: from the Onboarding process itself to the departure of the Hotel collaborators.

We help you create the best strategies, policies and actions for the management and retention of your people and teams.


Ensuring that all your teams, both front and back, have integrated how they should work to offer the best customer service and always exceed the expectations of your customers, is essential. And the basis to achieve this is to have the appropriate manuals and subsequently carry out the relevant audits that allow you to correct and improve.

We help you in the creation of the manuals of procedures, standards and customer service essentials for each department, as well as in the subsequent audits.


If you do not have a Development Area in your Human Resources department that is responsible for all the policies and procedures related to attracting and retaining talent as well as generating the well-being that triggers your teams to feel authentic pride of belonging to your brand, count on us!

Tell us what you need so that we can offer you the solutions that provide you with the differential value that supports your business.


Do you need support for the opening or reopening of your Hotel? We support you in everything you need; from the recruiting of all job positions to the training of your new teams.
In addition, with our packages designed specifically for these cases, we review all your procedures and policies related to Talent Management so that they are the basis of your success.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you in all matters relating to your business culture and management of the Talent of your business. We are Human Resources experts in Hotels and Restaurant Services.