Knowledge and experience.

As a Human Resources consulting firm specialized in the hospitality and restaurant services, we offer you our knowledge and experience to develop actions and projects that directly impact on your results.

Our solutions

Engagement Programs

Just as we invest in getting to know the satisfaction of our customers and retain them so that they return and become prescribers; do we do the same with our teams? A strong, consolidated and, above all, consistent organizational culture is your best guarantee for attracting and retaining talent. We develop engagement programs so that your fundamental pillar, your team, is 100% committed. Increasing the level of engagement of your employees is directly linked to an increase in performance and therefore, the results.

Employee climate survey

Happiness in the place of work and the satisfaction of adding and contributing to outcomes through clear objectives and positive leadership and working environment, has direct impact on the satisfaction of your customers. We help you develop the tools so that you can measure and improve the working environment of your Hotel or Restaurant.

Development of Corporate and Departamental Manuals

We create with you your procedure manuals, standards and essential service for your departments, both for front of the house and back of the house. Ensure that all your teams have assimilated how they must work to provide the best service and always exceed the expectations of your customers.

Quality audits

What is not measured can not be improved and therefore, Hotels Talent develops audits of service enabling you to analyze the quality of service that you provide your clients and ensure compliance with your standards.

Analysis and Job Descriptions

Having the Mission of your workplace clear as well as the responsibilities and tasks deriving from it, is the starting point for optimal performance. From the selection to the evaluations, job descriptions ara a key tool for consistency and optimization of talent.

Performance Appraisal and Talent Maps

Ensure the talent you need through good design of evaluation and feedback. Take the right decision on the basis of their results and a map of talent, enabling you to optimize the potential of your staff at any time.

Internal communication

Ensuring the information gets when, how and to whom it should get is one of the greatest challenges any company faces, but in the Hospitality Industry even more. We help you develop the media and channels of internal communication to help business achieve its results.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you in all matters relating to your business culture and management of the Talent of your business. We are Human Resources experts in Hotels and Restaurant Services.